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February 08 2016


Being young and successful is exactly what we want. We are often hurried, we presume that we must amass the maximum amount of money/experience since we're young therefore we can be even more rich and experienced in the future.
young and successful

Yes this is very true, you wish to start as early as possible, but everyone who only thinks this shallow usually don't allow it to be.
If you think the same as the society think, you will get only what the society usually get

99% around the globe are sleeping through life, they are not really awake, this is why if you ask them a deeper question in everyday life, they're confused, like "what is success to you", their solution is probably just money, happiness, etc. but they don't really know what it can be.

Happiness for example. Sure for those who have money, good friends, good job you will be happier, but that all this in life?

If you can't define success, society will define it in your case and you will end up doing just like everyone else and getting just like everyone else.

You know what 'the same' is don't you? Get a 'good' degree (whatever this means), get a job, marry, have kids, work hard to put kids through school to allow them to do the exact same thing because you and the rest of the society, retire, die in mediocrity.
Young and successful is really a lot broader than money and relationships
young motivational speaker

Now i don't mean to say how the ol' corporate world is shit, if it's for you then it's to suit your needs, but most people are stuck in their shitty corporate job as they do not belong there and still think they still belong there even though they're only raised realizing that it's the only way.

Just what exactly should you do to know is there a definition of success?
1. Be open-minded

There are many ways to be 'successful', more and more people have done it, they followed their heart determined a niche or even invented their unique industry, one example is what I'm doing now, I once watched a video about a guy explaining how there's a career for people who share their knowledge for income, and here I am.
2. Play with it

I would never be able to dig up to where I am today basically only listened and knew there was clearly an industry like this. Trying things out has become at the heart of my success, I stupidly fell so frequently but I always kept moving. Mind you, it's not as simple as point 1, just watching a youtube video, I would not be even remotely interested about watching it if I wasn't ready. What's 'ready' mean? It implies, you have gathered experience combined with mindset needed to range from one passion to a new. I was so centered on bodybuilding, books, being an HR manager, photography, and it all taught me somewhat about myself, then when the pieces was formed produce, I felt compelled toward becoming a few things i am now, and just like I always do, I try it, failing so frequently as well, and now here I am. The key is taking action congruent on your 'calling'. Don't worry if the feeling isn't strong, if you have a slight hint of wanting to do something, do it first with a small scale and decide in order to keep it up.
3. Reflect

Forming the puzzle pieces is very important, I never understood why I had been so passionate about street photography, n't any other kinds of photography, just street. Walking around the streets in Europe, I still remember I believe I took more than 200 pictures in a day every single day, and I realized given that my desire to take images of people on the streets is because I really love people. We do, many people who are confused about life say that like people, which is good, however they don't understand when I say that I LOVE people.

Also as I'm writing this, I just realized another thing, when I take street photography, I loved taking candid pictures, and why? Now I recognize that it's because I love people's expression when they're just not faking it, they're just minding their own business and expressing whatever they truly feel on the inside. And that's why I put a lot effort into learning, reflecting, teaching about authenticity. Because I'm totally fascinated with it! Damn, I really like writing!

So which is a good tip at that time on how to reflect.. Reveal it. Specifically how you felt about it.

So, i can agree, the more you're on your own journey, not another woman's damn definition of 'success', you're going to be more and more clear by what you love, what success is always to you. And the clearer you're, the clearer what action you should take, the more clarity you've got, the more you can put massive effort, and massive effort drives you to definitely your destination faster.

Until the very next time, buddy!
Kevin signing off.
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